Abakan comes to us with a powerful album project!

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Website : http://www.abakan.fr
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A mixture of influences soul / hiphop / pop without compromise. Under the sign of sharing with many collaborations : Goldey, Thomas Faure (Electro Deluxe), Crystal Petit, Nyr Raymond, Raphaële Atlan, Hkb Finn, Loretta…

The first single is called a recurring theme, but that perfectly illustrates how this album was created. The « Let Go », allow yourself to be happy and live life to the fullest.

Composé par / Composed by : David Abakan
Ecrit par / Written by : Raphaële Atlan
Arrangé par / Arranged by : David Abakan & Goldey
Art direction & Design: Shmoo (http://www.byshmoo.com)

Réalisation clip : David Abakan / Jean Christophe Gutierres
Images / Cameraman: Jean Christophe Gutierres
Montage / Video Edit : David Abakan
Production : LalaRecords / Milesfender 2013 – 2014 © tout droits réservés
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