Born into a family of musicians in Congo, Africa, WeeLye has become a very talented Singer / Composer of Folk / Pop Songs with a Soul Acoustic touch.

WeeLye has brilliantly combined her Congolese Rumba Roots with the news vibes of American Soul mixing Latin and African Rumba beats with Folk-Pop melodies and a touch of Jazz.

WeeLye can always stir the emotions with her deep inspiring lyrics of a woman’s life in the modern world. Stories of street life, family, Congo where she first discovered the joy of music by listening to her Aunt sing in the famous Congolese Rumba Band « OK JAZZ ».
Accompanied by her guitar and an incredible array of world class professional musicians, WeeLye sings in French, English and Lingala ( The Congolese dialect ).
Combining authentic acoustic vibes with her soothing magnetic voice provides her audience with a colorful melodic cocktail that is a must-listen for music lovers!
Weelye conveys her messages and reaches through her powerful and subtle voice.