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Paris La Nuit x Milesfender Exclusive Mix by FREDDIE JOACHIM



Paris La Nuit x Milesfender « Tribute to Just Blaze  » by J-Zen



Paris La Nuit x Milesfender « Tribute to DJ Premier » by DJ Jim


On the occasion of the coming of the legendary American producer DJ Premier this Friday at Djoon for So Miles Party , DJ Jim (Jazzeffiq) has make a very good Tribute to that is a reference Hip Hop for 25 years!


Pete-rock-2013-mix-cover « SO MILES  Party »  exclusive Mix by DJ JIM  for www.milesfender

Friday, June 28th 2013 , Milesfender & DJ Jim invite PETE ROCK , American DJ & Producer at Djoon for an exceptional « SO MILES PARTY » with DJ JiM & Rocé .

For this occasion DJ Jim has made an exclusive mix for the web site www.milesfender.com .



web-Meets-avril-2013-byshmoo « MEETS » Party exclusive Mix by Rich Medina for www.milesfender & Radio Nova

Friday, April 5th 2013 , Milesfender & Tijo Aimé invite RICH MEDINA , American DJ & Producer at Djoon for an exceptional « MEETS » Party with DJ JiM & Tijo Aimé .

For this occasion RM has made an exclusive mix for the web site www.milesfender.com & Radio Nova.

MEETS (House / Hip-Hop)
Meets… By Milesfender & Tijo Aimé…
The best of House Music meets the best of Hip-Hop in the most Soulful Club in Paris, every first Friday of the month at Djoon.



SO MILES vol.1 by Dj JiM

Resident at Djoon
Talented DJ and active member of the JaZzeFFiQ crew for several years, he has managed to distinguish himself and make a name for himself thanks to his technique and his sharp ear.


The unusual Afterwork Party NYC style.
Milesfender presents “ So Miles “ at Djoon every Thursday from 6:30 pm till 1.
Good Vibes to be expected by GOOD music lovers, in a great New York style loft in Paris: DJOON!
Feeling like chilling out after a long day… Enjoying a nice drink… Listening to music or just letting off steam on the dance floor with your colleagues or friends…
So Miles invites you on a journey every Thursday…

Booking – Management Milesfender



Chillance by Zio-John
[download_link text=”Mixtape-Cover-Back” title=”Download the File”]http://milesfender.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/john-back.pdf[/download_link]

Rapper , Zio-John now works as a bass player and a composer for French rappers and soul singers .
He is also a resident DJ at Djoon for » So Miles » afterwork parties, where he plays a very wide range of styles, creating bridges between Afrobeat, Nu-Soul , Hip-Hop and Jazz….
These few words are enough to sum up what this many-sided artist is all about: the art of mixing while slapping his bass over bold and sensual beats…

Booking – Management Milesfender